While it is true that more sales could bring you more profit, it can also bring inconvenience to your business.

You might be asking, how come? But imagine yourself being the captain of your sales team. The business is no small. Your company distributes their goods up to the remote areas of the country, with you leading a team of sales representative comprises more than 50 people. Under those conditions, it is inevitable that the more sales you got, the more works you will have to do every day.


Now, imagine doing those works manually. Such a nightmare, no?


In an era where technology plays an important role in making people’s life easier, digital solution is key to efficiency. Especially in running a business. When a client–a multinational company produces processed foods–contacted us some time ago, brought along problems similar to the one illustrated above, we knew instantly that technology is the ultimate answer.


After all, as quoted from Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel:


“In technology, whatever can be done will be done.”


But what kind of technology?


How we, BTS.id, Handled it…

Among many solutions that we could offer to our client to solve the said issue, we believed that no technology is better than ERP. It automates and integrates most processes needed in a business. It is also featured with easy access that can prune the-once-long-and-complicated procedures for getting and exchanging information. Not only that, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is made up of modules each designed to serve different purposes of different aspects in a company. For sales, ERP has SFA or Sales Force Automation module that manages sales activities.

In other words, it has all the qualities our client sought in a software.


What is SFA, Then?

Basically, SFA or Sales Force Automation manages thus simplifies the complexities of sales process. Its key function is to manage and automate data, process, and sales activities with aim to allow the sales team to sell more products by giving them more time to sell. And more sales means more money.

Although being part of the same Marketing Automation family, SFA and CRM or Customer Relationship Management are not identical. While CRM is usually used by Customer Service department to boost sales through maintaining good relationship with customers, SFA is more like a tool for the Sales Team to generate more leads through efficient sales canvassing.


A Day with SFA Software

For our client, this is how their day-to-day operation would look like with the help of SFA software:



Team captain plans team’s activity for that day. He would opened the application on his mobile phone, then scrolled through the list of salesperson-on-duty. The names were all there, so did the routes they had to take for that day, all saved in the database. Planning and distributing tasks and routes to a lot of people is such a hassle, you may think, but no, not for him. With just few clicks in the app, he managed to do all the works while sipping his first cup of coffee for the day.

Then, not long after Mr. Team Captain submitting his works, notifications popped up, this time in the team members’ app. Details such as routes, target of the day, customers’ name and preference were already on their fingertips. Without having to carry heavy bag full of papers inside, just one device that had it all, sales representatives can start their job selling products to potential customers in convenient manner.



They opened the app on their device, checked the first destination then followed the maps. Once they arrived, they just need to check in and took picture of the place, then submit it to the system that will record their activities and forward it to the team captain. With this, team captain wouldn’t have to worry about his team missing even one opportunity as he can easily tracked team’s every movement with tracking feature.

The next step was just as easy. Everything needed by the reps to present the company’s products to the customers were all stored in the inventory module, ready to be drawn out anytime. Product info, real-time updated stock database, everything that allowed the salesperson to focus on the presentation more instead of wasting their time digging up the bag looking for the right documents.

Once the customers was convinced to buy the products, salesperson can also record their order on the app, as it was also featured with Sales and Return Order modules. Easy. Thanks to the app, they job finished faster and they can move to the next destination earlier.



Upon completing their tasks for the day, sales team captain and members can also rely on the SFA application to do the most important phase of the job, which is checking how much closed sales the team had made that day, and whether or not the marketing strategy was executed properly.

Of course, with all the data and activities being recorded on the system, analyzing fruitage of the strategy was just another piece of cake.


While implementing a software application will cost you extra, through above illustration we can see that it can improve your team’s efficiency by a lot. Our client had realized the importance, therefore asked us to build an app to support their sales team.

And guess what, just like our client had benefited from Sales Force Automation, you can too.


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