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Work From Home Goes Mainstream Part 1: Positive Developments During WFH Implementation

Work From Home Goes Mainstream Part 1: Positive Developments During WFH Implementation

Since its first global outbreaks earlier this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us bitter pills to swallow. Devastating stories around the world covering the impact of the pandemic doesn’t seem to show any sign of stopping as the “good news” regarding the development of the cure is taking its time. Since the ‘normal’ life we are used to living in is dependent on the progress of vaccine development, it is most likely that we must try new ways to adapt. Implementing Work From Home (WFH), applying physical distancing, and wearing face masks have now become our new normal. However, nothing is ever completely one-sided. There is always a rise after the fall.

For once amid global concerns of the pandemic, hard times have shown us that the world is still worth living and nurturing. Even from these hard times, we can learn that everyone deserves to take a break. Breathe in the more fresh air, strengthen the intimacy at home, and also take time to learn more! And when the time for us to go out without fear finally comes, we have learned many things that we can bounce back stronger. For now, we work from home!

Without setting aside our thoughts to everyone affected by the virus, we found some ‘hidden’ aftermath following the hard times we have been dealing with. As we hope this pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible, some positive impacts that we can keep up with even after everything goes to normal are here for us to go with. The journey to recovery persists.

WFH Results in Global Pollution Drop?
After WHO confirmed the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic on March 11th, many countries have implemented strict lockdown and shut down public facilities as an attempt to slow down the spread of the disease and work from home policies become mandatory. This leads to a significant decrease in global pollution rate.

Industrial and transport sectors happen to be the most affected areas by the shutdown due to lockdown. According to the data collected by the European Space Agency, a quite significant drop in nitrogen dioxide is shown using Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellites across Europe. The significant reduction of nitrogen dioxide concentration appears from 14 to 25 March 2020 which is compared to the monthly average of concentrations from 2019.

work from home goes mainstream part 1

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Breakthrough in Medical Technology
One of the most terrifying threats of the coronavirus is its rapid spread throughout countries. It hits hard while most of the countries have not prepared. Therefore, it puts pressure on every health workforce in the world to formulate vaccines, cures, and any medical methods that eventually overcome the disease.

While we are on the long, faithful wait for the cure, a tracing system has been developed to track the spread of the virus using gadgets. According to ITUNew, “Liechtenstein has begun a pilot program to fit its citizens with biometric bracelets to track potential cases of COVID-19 in real-time to create an ‘early warning system’.”

The concept in general is to collect data and metrics of our body to give a signal to detect viruses. The advanced gadget will scan skin temperature, breathing flow, and heart rate to be analyzed and compiled to see whether it shows the sign of contamination of the disease. The data is expected to show any sign of virus contamination through a health algorithm developed by health authorities in real-time. The result will then be processed to see if the reaction suits the pattern of alleged symptoms before it even occurs.

work from home

The Surge of Digital Tools In Taking on Work From Home
Lockdown and social distance parameters wreak havoc on countless companies and various enterprises as companies are forced to apply remote working. This leads to the urge to shift into digital migration. As a result, a swell of digital tools and software occur to accommodate the demands for digitized culture in companies and enterprises.

One of the mutual issues in which companies and enterprises are suffering from remote working is the emerging barriers within the organization that clog communication lines. As the workforces are tied in terms of coordination from the smallest scales, the entire companies would be struggling to keep up growth. Therefore, developing platforms or services that can provide seamless communication would be the key to keeping the companies above water.

Of the surging platforms, one of the most soaring communication services is Zoom. Since the early stage of the pandemic, Zoom has been one of the most in-demand platforms at the beginning of the pandemic. Covering virtual corporate meetings and video conferencing, Zoom’s popularity increased as it gained up to 200 million daily users according to CNBC.

As a matter of fact, while most of the companies suffer financial difficulties, spending is getting more tricky and should be treated as an investment. Now that everyone is working from home, solid coordination that keeps every workforce in the loop is necessary. In today’s condition, choosing to spend on digital platforms and tools that boost the productivity of the team instead of allocating physical infrastructure and inventories would sound more reasonable.

A wide array of platforms that allows you to orchestrate the entire organization is all there for grabs and may very well be a game-changer in running your company. According to Surveysparrow, “from self-diagnosis bots to automated emergency protocols, this trend has also paved the way to touchless biometric attendance systems, time tracking, or other collaborative tools that can essentially step in and be an alternative to your existing workflow to run your business virtually.”

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This could also be implemented when upgrading the workforce. Instead of recruiting new employees that would cost more on allowance and facilities, consider going with outsourcing. Outsourcing would be more affordable and efficient. It also prevents you from getting physical contact with too many people since all the workflow, assignment, and submission can be conducted through digital tools you have invested in. From Trello to Slack, you can keep track of the works that you assigned seamlessly in real-time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many serious problems. The business closed, people losing jobs, families separated, public facilities stop functioning, but, there are always reasons and ways to keep going; there is always a chance to learn. As we adapt to a new life that seems hard to cope with work from home, we are together in this.

We share stories and updates regarding issues in tech and digital culture. As we keep it as relevant as possible, this topic would continue in deeper discussions. Stay tuned!

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