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Planning On System Integration Part 3: Phases Of System Integration Process

Planning on System Integration Part 3: Phases of System Integration Process

System Integration Process – When integrating your system, one of the important factors of successful System Integration is the System Integrator you are working with.

After learning about what is System Integration, why should you integrate your system, and various methods of System Integration in the previous articles, now, we will find out how exactly a System Integrator would integrate your system.


Phases of System Integration Process

System Integration is a complex task, hence the importance of hiring a reliable system integrator that can assist you with comprehensive integration service, from simple internal point-to-point connections to intricate many-to-many integrations both internally and with the third parties.

To solve your problem, a system integrator will usually design, implement, and test the integration solution, in 7 equally important phases of System Integration, which are:

1. Requirements and Specifications Gathering

The first step is where you have to share your goals with the system integrator you are going to work with. In order to provide you with the best practice and most efficient solution, it is crucial for a system integrator to know how exactly you and your team expect the system to be in the future. In this phase, you will have to list out the detailed requirements to make, as every company uses different subsystems and achieve different goals.

2. Feasibility Analysis

What you want is not always what you actually need. In this phase, after all the requirements, specifications, and expectations are listed down, a feasibility analysis will be conducted to determine operational feasibility. Your requirements will be analyzed and translated into needs to support the decision making process regarding the integration process your system will go through.

3. Architecture and Development Design

While it is true that System Integration can help to boost your productivity and improve your workflow, ensuring seamless connectivity between all the components should be the main objective of integrating your system. To achieve the goal, a proper architecture design regarding how the system should be integrated to the other comprehensive system should be well-planned, and a strong foundation need to be built to eliminate all the possible risks. Usually, an integration plan blueprints consists of proposed architecture plan is created to help both parties visualise the process.

4. Management Plan

Once the complete plan of the system integration process is approved and released, the next step is creating a management plan. A management plan is usually comprises risk factor calculations, project execution plan, alternative listing, etc.

5. System Integration Design

Next, is System Integration Design, presumably the longest and most challenging phase of System Integration process. An actual integration is performed, consist of creating the physical equivalent of the architecture design which is rather logical. This phase comprises some processes such as preliminary designs, detailed designs, system tests etc.

6. Implementation

Once the system is ready, it will be verified and tested thoroughly. Detected bugs and errors in the system will be fixed before the system undergoes another operational testing to make the product error-free. Afterwards, the integrated system will be deployed and ready to be utilized by your employee. The implementation phase may take a while because in order to feel the results of the integration process, you need to make sure everyone in your team able to correctly operate the new system

7. Evaluation and Maintenance

In this last phase of integration process, the functioning of the integrated system will be checked thoroughly. If there is any inconvenience in operation or missing feature, the lacking components can be fixed, added, or modified. This phase includes checking, maintaining, modifying, and enhancing the components. After all, compared to off-the-shelf solution, having your subsystems integrated by a professional company will give you the benefit of having your product works flawlessly according to your specific needs even after it is released.


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Best System Integrator Indonesia

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Our integration capabilities includes:

– Progressive web app

– Realtime db

– Message Queue

– Service Bus

– Web-services

– Custom web controls

– Automatic Task Creation

– SAP Integration

– Payment Gateway

– Push Notification


– Websocket

– Mail Service integration


– Enterprise Resource Planner

– Offline First Mobile App

– Dynamic Form

– Docker

– Unit Test


– File Transfer/FTP

– Faas

– Saas


And providing services such are:

– Application systems plan, design, and implementation.

– Enterprise software package implementation, extension, and customization.

– Enterprise Application Integration

– Management training and change

– Knowledge transfer

– Ongoing systems and applications management and maintenance

– Scrum Based

– Manage cloud server On AWS

– Manage cloud server on AGP

– Migration data to system

– Hotfix


With years of experiences integrating softwares such as:

– Data Warehousing

– docker

– Kubernetes

– data analytics

– Java Virtual Terminal

– Cron Job


– Geofencing

– Zipk in

– Prometheus

– Key cloak

– Microservice

– Generate Document Dynamically

– Dashboard Grafana

– Sonar Qube

– Connecting Core Banking

– Connecting API

– Dynamic Table Creation

– Dynamic Document consolidate report



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