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Outsourcing A Front-End Developer For Your Project

Outsourcing a Front-End Developer for Your Project

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Front-end developer – Front-end developers are some of the most in-demand roles. Thus, if you have been looking for a qualified front-end developer and find it difficult to get one with the right qualification, you know the reason. As technology improves, front-end developer are equipped with more options to develop website and application. Rather than writing the code from scratch, there are frameworks and libraries that when properly utilized, can speed up the development process and produce a product that is more maintainable.

The thing is, if looking for a front-end developer is nothing near easy, it’s even more difficult to find one specialized in specific framework. After all, the challenge that is often associated with front-end development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website or application change constantly.

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Of course, frameworks and libraries are optional. Front-end developers are not obliged to use them to create a seamless visual for your website or application. However, it’s all depends on the scale of your project. If your project is more of a complex and time-consuming kind, incorporating the right framework into your development process would give you advantages.

Before we go further into how to effortlessly find the right front-end developer for your project, let’s look into the front-end development process first.

What is Front-End Development and what do Front-End Developers do?

Front end development, also known as client-side development, focuses to create environment of what users see, click, and touch when opening their browser or application. Web and app designs are implemented through coding language.

A front end developer is the person who implements web an app designs and concepts designed by a web or UI designer by linking together the design and technology.

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A front end developer’s primary tools are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is used for laying out content and structure of the document, while CSS is used to style it before Java Script is applied to where anything beyond basic interactivity is needed. Libraries ,whether a design framework like Angular, or JavaScipt libraries such as VueJS or ReactJS, are often built on top of these three languages to ease the development process.

These frameworks not only offer flexibility and scalability for your business, but also help programmers to build interactive and innovative interfaces that are stable, fast, and consistent.

Front end developer is also responsible for ensuring that a website and application’s front end visual is free of errors and has the same visibility across different browsers, platforms, and devices; which is a complicated task considering that users nowadays use a large variety of devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Top Front-End Frameworks

Aside from the 3 primary tools of front end development which are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, there are top front-end frameworks or libraries that you should consider using for your website and app development.


Angular is a TypeScript based JavaScript framework developed by Google and was released in 2016. It was a complete re-creation from the first version, which is AngularJS, that was first developed in 2009.

Among all the others, Angular is the most mature frameworks and has good backing in terms of contributors and is a complete package, as it offers everything you need from routing to templates. This could mean good or bad both depends on your situation. It could be good because you won’t have to move to any other tools to develop your application as everything is provided. At the same time, it could be bad because it means no flexibility.

With its size, Angular is more suitable for heavyweight application rather than a lightweight one. This framework is good choice for companies with large team and for development of large-scale, feature-rich applications.

Angular is used by big companies like Google (obviously), Wix, Forbes, etc.

Vue JS

Contrary to Angular, VueJS is the youngest among all. However, instead of framework, VueJS is a library to create interfaces that can be combined with other tools to work as a ‘framework’. Developed by an ex-engineer of Google named Evan You, VueJS was released in 2014 and has been gaining constant popularity due to its scalability, despite not being backed up by large companies like the other frameworks.

This framework provides developers with the capability to build application with modern technologies. Code produced with this framework is simple and easy, resulting in better maintainability, minimal error occurence, and faster and easier set up compared to other frameworks.

Vue offers better performance and flexibility than Angular. However, it is more suitable for lightweight application and is a better choice if you prefer simplicity but also demand some flexibility.

Companies like Alibaba, GitLab, Expedia, and Nintendo are using Vue for their website.


ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript library to build exquisite user interfaces with great focus on rendering performance. As a library (not framework), React needs support from other libraries for tasks like routing etc. Released by Facebook in 2013, React offers great support in creating interactive user interfaces and is suitable for lightweight application.

Just like Vue, React also offer better performance and flexibility than Angular. Developers will be provided with the freedom to choose programming tools of their choice. It is a good option for startups and developers who like some flexibility in writing their code.

Facebook, Paypal, Uber, and Netflix are among big companies that are using ReactJS.

Hiring Front-End Developer from Outsourcing Company

Finding a front-end developer that is specialized in specific framework is easier said than done. Some frameworks have a steep learning curve, and to find a programmer that is not only skilled, but experienced, is not an easy task, epecially if you need them to work for you immediately.

In that case, recruiting a front-end developer from an outsourcing company can be your instant way out. Just like the outsourcing practice itself, each and every framework has its own pros and cons.

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By outsourcing you talent, not only the process is easy and fast, but the talents are trained and experienced specialists with full compliance to your requirements. All you have to do is know which developer to hire based on the project you are working on or your individual requirement, and contact an outsourcing company to discuss.

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